KORADO, a. s.

KORADO, a. s.

Business Description:

KORADO is the largest Czech manufacturer and one of the world’s leading manufacturers of radiators with a tradition of more than 45 years. We offer panel radiators RADIK, towel rail radiators KORALUX, and design radiators KORATHERM. A new item is a complete range of convectors and the energy saving radiator RADIK X-CONTROL.


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KORADO, a. s.
Bří Hubálků 869
Česká Třebová
560 02

Czech Republic


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Sales and marketing
Tel.: +420 465 506 422

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Export Sales and Marketing
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Our Products:

KORADO Bathroom radiatorsWe offer the KORALUX bathroom radiators in the MAX, COMFORT, CLASSIC, and STANDARD designs and also in the chrome EXCLUSIVE design.

Bathroom radiators

KORADO Controlled ventilationControlled ventilation maintains an optimal temperature and humidity in the interior while ensuring that the air in the building is ...

Controlled ventilation

KORADO ConvectorsWe present a new item in our product portfolio – a complete range of KORADO convectors, which can be used for natural convection or with a ...


KORADO Convectors with fan and optimized convectionKORADO produces a varied assortment of convectors with a fan and optimized convection, which represents not only efficient heating of all ...

Convectors with fan and optimized convection

KORADO Design convectorsKORADO convector heating elements indicate a current development trend in the field of modern heating methods. Design convectors ...

Design convectors

KORADO Design radiatorsThe KORATHERM design radiators represent a comfortable alternative to a conventional panel radiator. A wide variety of colours and their ...

Design radiators

KORADO Energy Saving RadiatorsRADIK X-CONTROL is a new product in the category of energy saving radiators. It is a radiator with a unique technology of a controlled ...

Energy Saving Radiators

KORADO Local heat recoveryLocal heat recovery can be used virtually anywhere, both in new buildings and reconstructed or existing buildings.

Local heat recovery

KORADO Low-energy systemKORADO produces a complex system of low-energy products which includes the RADIK panel radiator with regulated and, therefore, controllable ...

Low-energy system

KORADO Panel radiatorsWe offer RADIK panel radiators in the KLASIK, VENTIL KOMPAKT, PLAN, VERTIKAL, and HYGIENE designs. A new item in our range is the energy ...

Panel radiators
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KORADO, a. s.



Business Activity Specification:

Wholesale, Services, Production

Year of Foundation: 1990 Number of Employees: 690


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